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GES offers a full range of vehicle washing solutions, from manual high-pressure washers to high-capacity automatic systems for all types of cars and vans, trucks, and buses, and even construction and off-road vehicles. Intelligently designed, our modular automated vehicle washing solutions deliver the lowest possible cost per wash combined with excellent and consistent wash quality. Whatever your vehicle-cleaning needs, GES has the right solution. We partner with global leading equipment suppliers to create customised solutions for industry- and client-specific applications.

GES brings a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience to ensure our clients get the system that best meets their specific needs.

Gas Station Orange



Ensure your customer return often – make your forecourt more profitable and a regular destination site.

Fleet Orange



Quick and efficient cleaning keeping your vehicles looking good on the road and making money for you.

Car Orange



Speed of throughput and high wash quality ensuring lowest cost per wash and high satisfaction ratings.

Truck Orange



Specialised cleaning of heavy vehicles to ensure your “moving billboards” support and promote your brand.

Bus Orange



Fast and economical maintenance washing of large bus fleets promotes the passenger experience and satisfaction.

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Our Wash Solution Offerings

Our Wash Solution Offerings

GES supplies professional vehicle wash operators with a range of manual high-pressure wash systems, from basic portable machines to multi-program PLC controlled Jetwash systems. We offer electric, engine, and even hydraulic motor-driven equipment for field service solutions.

Cars and Light Commercial Vehicle Wash Systems


Rollover systems use moving rail-mounted gantries to perform a range of wash and drying functions over a stationary vehicle. Models include 3 or 5-brush friction, high pressure touchless, or a combination of both wash technologies. Models are available for all light vehicles. Rollovers offer a wide variety of washing options including chemical presoaks, rim and wheel washing, undercarriage washing, polish and waxing, and blow-drying. Machines may be set up to perform a number of wash programs utilising these functions for optimum throughput and profitability.

Tunnel Conveyor Systems

Cars are moved through a series of arches by a conveyor system, providing high volume throughputs. Combinations of modules performing chemical application, washing, polishing and drying functions are available providing consistent washing of up to 100 cars per hour.

Drive-Through Car Washes

These solutions offer high vehicle throughputs for big car dealerships, car rental companies, couriers and fleet operators and vehicle distribution centres.

Heavy Vehicle Solutions


The ideal solution for thorough washing of box-shaped commercial vehicles such as buses, refrigerated and tarp-side trucks and trailers. As with the car rollovers, these machines are modular and can be configured with multiple options to suit individual client’s washing needs.

Stop and Go Drive-Through Systems

This system is designed for high volume throughput – capable of safely washing a 22m long vehicle in under 3 minutes!

Bus Drive-Through Wash System

This simple and economical automatic wash system is designed specifically for bus fleets, capable of washing up to 30 vehicles per hour.

Drive-Through High-Pressure Truck Wash

This modular system can accommodate all types of vehicles, especially suited to awkward shape trucks and trailers such as side-tippers, garbage trucks and tankers and may even be used for construction and agricultural vehicles. As always, our systems are fully configurable to meet specific client needs.

Automatic Train Carriage Washing Solutions

In partnership with Istobal, GES even has the technical capabilities to supply automatic train washing solutions.

Management Systems

We have a variety of wash equipment management and activation systems suitable for specific customer needs, from payment and cash control to internet-based fleet management solutions, we help you manage your wash business.


GES offers a comprehensive range of carwash accessories for maximum profitability and efficiency.

Vacuum Cleaners

We offer a full range of vacuuming equipment from portable units to cabinet mounted vacuum cleaners, and modular centralised industrial-quality vacuum systems.


Chemistry is crucial to achieving clean, dry and shiny vehicles with the least amount of labour possible. GES offers a selection of the Istobal Esens range of car care products for optimum result every wash. All Esens products are biodegradable and meet stringent European environmental standards.

Vehicle Sanitising

Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants that exists in nature. Our car-sanitizing stations use ozone to thoroughly disinfect and deodorize car interiors in under 10 minutes. Unit can operate as a standalone sanitizing facilities, or as an additional service at professional car wash and detailing operations. Ozone is quick and safe and leaves no harmful residues.

Water Recycling and Rain Water Harvesting

GES offers water-recycling and rain-harvesting solutions to ensure that our clients’ vehicle-washing systems are ecologically sustainable – a priority for us as South Africans living in a water-scarce country.

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